Special Offer for My english speaking clients

This article was written by Suzi Mc Craw in the Frida Club magazine;


I am writing to let you know about new opportunities for distance instruction with Nicole Kempf.  Nicole has been providing remote training for her German students for several years but is now expanding the offering this option to work with those of us who live in the United States.  This training will be offered as real-time instruction (at mutually convenient times) or by comments on videos submitted by students.  There is also the option for some group discussions/demos for those who are interested.  Since in-person training isn't going to be an option for most of us in the near future this remote training can be an invaluable resource for us to continue learning and improving our partnership with our fabulous horses.  Nicole is happy to help you with preparing for your submission to the USIHC Virtual Shows (show info included below) or help you find and ride tölt for the very first time.  In other words, she is ready and able to be your online resource while travel is restricted and in-person instruction is not available.

I Have a Slow Internet Connection…How Can I Participate?

For many of us in rural communities slow Internet connections are simply a way of life.  Nicole suggests creating a series of short videos each about 2 to 3 minutes in length.  The videos can be of you riding your horse or doing groundwork…whatever you would like for her to see and provide feedback on.  Don't worry about perfection…just send video of where you are right now.  You could upload the videos and send them via Messenger (if you're on FB) or WhatsApp or some other platform…you can discuss options directly with her.  You would probably want to send several videos, say for a total of 15 to 30 minutes worth of time so that she can review and return comments.  Using this format you can take the videos anytime you like and send them when convenient.  

My Internet Connection is Good…How Can I Get Real-Time Feedback?

Just contact Nicole directly (see info below) so that you can arrange a mutually convenient time.  Find a partner to video you and using Zoom or a different mutual platform you're all set to go.  

I Have Never Worked with Nicole…Would Distance Learning Work for Me?

Absolutely, in this case, it would probably make sense to have an introductory Zoom meeting without your horse to discuss the best path forward.  Nicole has worked with riders and horses at all levels so you don't need to worry about being at a specific level before she can help.  

Watching and Discussing to Learn:

In addition to the one-on-one sessions Nicole is planning a series of group sessions sharing video demos with real-time comments and lectures to help participants better understand how to achieve our riding goals.   

Nicole Says, “Different times require different approaches….

Due to stay at home orders and social distancing, most of us are not able to pursue their regular riding lessons or training for their horses.


In order to accommodate my client’s needs, I have decided to offer online coaching including, but not limited to, video analysis and online meetings.


Aside from the special circumstances we are finding ourselves in, adding this service has been in the back of my mind for a while. It will allow me to better stay in touch with my American students in between visits to the US, therefore offering a more complete service and support for you and your horse in your quest of becoming the best team possible.


Your custom-tailored options include:


1. Individual video analysis


2. Group video analysis


3. Virtual riding instruction


4. Online theory sessions


5. Online clinics


6. Teaching materials, such as demo videos


Please PM me (Nicole Kempf) for further information and to discuss the best options for you.”

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact Nicole directly to discuss the best option(s) for you.  Nicole Kempf is available via PM on FB Messenger, on WhatsApp at 49 172 9390763, and via the Kontact tab of her website at https://www.nicolekempf.de/kontakt/


December 2020

Online Lecture for all members of Sleipnir Club USA.

The topic was about Tölt. Faults and education and improving the Tölt.

There were about 40 Participants from all over the USA taking part.

I had a great time and I'm looking forward to my next lecture.


Interested in your own clinic? online? Please don't hesitate to contact me!